Attack On Titan Chapter 123 Bahasa Indonesia: The Rumbling

Attack on Titan Chapter 123 is only about a week away from now, and today, we'll be talking about what will happen next on Eren's journey. In the previous chapter, we saw \ The Rumbling \ finally activated, and we also saw Ymir's past, and how she got the Titans' powers. In an extraordinary turn of events, Eren is revealed to have manipulated his father through the Way, and made his own way. In the next chapter of the manga, we will be looking at a lot of other interesting stuff, and hopefully, it will get better than what we saw last week. Before we start, please note this post may contain official spoilers from the next chapter of the manga. If you don't like it, I suggest you stop reading the post here. The next chapter of Attack on Titan will likely show us that \ The Rumbling \ is taking place. For those who don't know, \ The Rumbling \ is an event where the entire Earth is flattened / trampled by ten thousand titans. I believe that the next chapter of the manga will be entirely focused on The Rumbling, although there may be some other aspects of Eren's story added to it as well. The giant Titans will be freed from the walls completely, and they will destroy anything and everything they get. For Eren, holding the greatest power in the world would be a satisfaction, not only because he possessed it, but also because his goal was within his grasp now. Attack on Titan Chapter 123 will be released around November 9, 2019. Also Read: YOSHIKI Brings 70 Artists to the Stage for Rio Crisel Akay's 'TV Asashi Dream Festival' A man who has a hobby of ngewibu and idols at Japanese events (Instagram @crisel_kun)