Sequel For Detective Pikachu Game Announced Officially

The Detective Pikachu film has been talked about by many people lately because the live-action films are really good. This film is doing some great business in the market and honestly, no one expected a Pikachu film to be this great. The Detective Pikachu film comes from the video game of the same name. The original game was made by Creatures Inc. and publishing is handled by The Pokémon Company. games released on various Nintendo platforms. There is another, smaller version of the game called Great Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo which was released in 2016. Producer Hiroyuki and Hitoshi Yamagami. The programmers working on the film were Katsunori Orimoto, Jun Kanda and Tomofusa Shimamura. The artist is Masataka Hata and the authors are Tomokazu Ohara and Haruka Utsui. Detective Pikachu was officially released worldwide on March 23, 2018. Detective Pikachu is a single player game (solo player game). It was announced by the CEO of The Pokemon Company that a video game sequel will be out soon. No further information has been announced regarding this new upcoming video game, but there is some serious news for fans that The Pokémon Company has announced a sequel. The story will be taken from the last place in the video game. Tim's father has not been found and is still missing. Also, Pikachu hasn't regained his memories so more or less the story will start from that point alone. The film released earlier this year is an adaptation of the same game. Ryan Reynolds has made the character Pikachu so adorable and full of passion that fans want a sequel to this film out as soon as possible. The city where this story looks spectacular and magnificent. Seems to be the perfect mix of just the right amount of Tokyo and London. This film received a lot of praise for the city they created. Also, the direction and animation of the film are also quite awe-inspiring. Detective Pikachu was released in Japan on May 3, 2019 and in the United States on May 10, 2019. So far at the box office, it has grossed over $ 350 million (IDR 5 trillion), while its budget is $ 150 million (IDR 2 trillion). Also Read: The Anime Film Weathering With You Releases the 2nd Teaser Video and the Name of the New Actor Habibie S. A teenager who likes to write and read.