Dororo Episode 21 Subtitle Indonesia

Hello my friends! In this article I will discuss the Dororo anime. In the last episode, we saw Hyakkimaru fighting a demon. At that time he and Dororo went to the forest in autumn and met a man named Saburota. Saburota initially said he was going to kill the devil who ate his mother, but it turned out that he actually trapped Dororo. At the beginning of the meeting with the devil, Saburota actually cooperated with the devil who ate his mother. She is traumatized and happy when someone feels scared. Hyakkimaru at the beginning of the fight with the devil fell into the abyss with Dororo and Dororo's hands were caught by a rock at the bottom of the cliff. Hyakkimaru had a hard time helping Dororo with the state of his hands. Luckily, a grandfather helped him before Dororo drowned him by the rising water drowning him. Then, Hyakkimaru who is angry because Dororo is about to die meets the devil once again and has a fierce battle. Saburota was shocked because Hyakkimaru was not afraid, he ended up being eaten by a demon and growing into a member of the devil. In the end the demon was defeated by Hytakkimaru, but Hyakkimaru's limbs did not return. For those who don't know about this anime, this anime is set in the middle of the Muromachi era, in 1470 after the battles of Onin and Bunmei. The story begins on the Noto Peninsula, Hokuriku District. The main character Hyakkimaru has lost 48 of his organs. The demons took each of their organs. Thanks to a healer, he was able to survive. Hyakkimaru is determined to hunt down the demons to retrieve his body. Also read: Kenja no Mago Episode 9 Indonesian subtitles Habibie S. A teenager who likes to write and read.