Idol Group Μ'S to Hold Love Live Reunion Concert! In January 2020

The show "Love Live! Series 9 Shūnen Happyōka" revealed on Thursday that the Love Live! who are members of the idol group μ's will be holding a reunion concert Love Live! in January. Reporting from (31/05/2019), this event will be the series' first festival, and will be held at the Saitama Super Arena from January 18 to 19, 2020. Other idol groups such as Aquors, Saint Snow, and Idol Appreciation Club Nijigasaki The Academy appears during the show, and they will also appear at the January event. The anime's official account also started broadcasting a promotional video for the ninth anniversary and an announcement video that was broadcast live. The January event will mark the reunion of the μ's members after a hiatus of approximately three years and nine months. Tickets for the show were accompanied by three video releases from the Love Live! Series. Group μ's previously held "Final Love Live!" which was held at the Tokyo Dome on March 31-April 1 2016. And the single "Moment Ring" obtained the Golden Disc certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan after selling 113,278 copies in two weeks in March 2016. The group's voice actress contract expired at the end of March. 2016, but group member Emi Nitta stated at that time that "Final Love Live!" will just be the last concert with just μ's in its entirety and alone (without any other musical performances). He pointed out that the concert did not mark the "disbandment" of the group. Another group member namely Sora Tokui added that "Final Love Live!" planned as the culmination of their work. Idol group μ's was the eighth best-selling music group in Japan in 2015. Also Read: Unique! This Japanese-made umbrella is equipped with a fan and water spray on top Source: Anime News Network Fadhel Ichsan A student who likes anime