Filipino Idol Group Mnl48 To Star In Live Action Film Seikimatsu Blue

Wani Books announced on Thursday (30/05/2019) that they will be producing a live-action film adaptation of Shintarō Hirota's Seikimatsu Blue manga. The film will star MNL48 members Abby Trinidad (center in the image below), Brei Binuya (left), Coleen Trinidad (right), and Kaede "Kay" Ishiyama. Tetsuya Hashi, who previously directed the music video for MNL48's song "Talulot ng Sakura", is directing the film. The film will be screened at the Philippines film festival in December. The manga centers on the friendship between high school students Kōsaka and Tōmine. Kōsaka is an ordinary girl, but one day she happens to see Tōmine being bullied. Afterward, he witnessed a strange creature emerge from Tōmine, and Tōmine only gave Kōsaka a faint answer when he asked what it was. Although Tōmine said that Kōsaka should not be involved, Kōsaka ended up helping Tōmine. Hirota launched the manga on Wani Books' Comic Gum website last July, and ended it last December. Wani Books published a volume of manga-compiled books that same month. Also Read: Idol Group μ's to Hold Love Live Reunion Concert! in January 2020 Source: animenewsnetwork Habibie S. A teenager who loves to write and read.