Bamboo Forest Not Only In China

Who said that bamboo forests only exist in China? Arashiyama 【嵐山】 is a bamboo forest that is tended by the state, and this tour is located in the western part of Kyoto city. When the holidays arrive this bamboo forest turns into a sea of ​​people, to go to Arashiyama 【嵐山】, you can take the JR train from JR Kyoto Station for about an hour and get off at Arashiyama Station. After that you get three choices to get to existing tourist destinations by taking a tourist train, renting a bicycle or walking to enjoy these tourist attractions. Not only that, tourists will also be spoiled with many shops, restaurants, traditional cakes, matcha to souvenir shops lined up along the road. The Togetsukyo Bridge looks like it was built from wood but in fact, it's made of steel. It turns out that there are lots of tourist destinations in Arashiyama, are you interested in traveling to this place? Also Read: The Second Movie 'Boku no Hero Academia' Airs Winter 2019 Source: jalan2kejepang Roy Rasel Akay A vocational school student who likes anime, manga, and Japan