Take a peek at cosplayers in Ikebukuro town during Halloween

Halloween is exploding in Japan and everyone wants to try cosplay. If you have read animenyus.com's news about the chaotic Halloween festival in Shibuya, this time you will be invited to Tokyo to find many people coming together to celebrate Halloween in Ikebukuro, one of the most famous otaku cities. Although unable to match the size of Shibuya's crowd, Ikebukuro arguably possessed higher costumed skills. That's because Ikeburo is a gathering of more dedicated cosplayers than the Shibuya audience, where many of the celebrities dress up only once a year. Ikebukuro's Halloween party also had a higher percentage of people dressed as special characters from the fictional franchise, as opposed to ghosts and zombies. For example Hinamochi is dressed as a magical girl from the anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. And it's not just the old spooky monsters, visitors are confronted by certain terrifying monsters in the form of terrifying Lickers (who choose to remain anonymous). Luckily, the hero of Resident Evil consisting of Leon Kennedy (Billy cosplayer) is on the scene to keep us all safe. There are tons of anime characters, with Totoro being ... ah never mind. And the fierce Goblin Slayer (Ferio). Talking about the characters who have recently become famous, there is also Bowsette / Princess Koopa (Rere Kirisame) who looks very beautiful and full of confidence as always. There are also cosplayers Fate / Grand Order. ▼ Scáthach (Remi Botan) ▼ Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova (Peko Kohata) ▼ Tamamo no Mae (Ruka Miya) Evergreen cosplay hits with Japanese Idolmaster represented by Kogane Tsukioka (Marimo) and Kantai Collection / KanColle by Atago (Minyan). There are also characters from American comics by DC's Joker (the same Billy who dressed as Leon on the second day of the show) and Marvel's Captain America (Biki Takai) and Deadpool. Also eye-catching crimson is Rozen Maiden's Shinku (Shuko). Frilly in a much scarier way is Pennywise, seen here in his 1990s version with Georgie Denbroug h (Eiseihei). The other set of character pairs includes Re: Zero - Ram (Rucchan) and Rem (Yukichi). And Sailor Moon Sailors Neptune (Himari Hinata) and Uranus (O Syensye). Meanwhile Bruno Bucciarati (Tomo), from JoJo Bizarre Adventure, is amazing enough to do it himself. Wow, there is an old film that was quite famous in its time, Robocop (Kesugi). Rounding out the characters from abroad is The Nightmare Before Chrsitmas' Sally (Michiru). And on the Japanese side, there are Re: Zero and Fate. ▼ Felix Argyle (RECO) ▼ Petelgeuse Romanee-Cont i (Kagashira) ▼ Sitonai (Nako) And, for a final creepy touch, a sampling of the long-running horror game series Konami Silent Hill (Kenken, Yusuke, Backwards N, and Maimai). But even though most attendees dress up as pre-existing characters, the creative spirit of the costumes is the driving force, so there's nothing to shy away from original creations like this steampunk ensemble (Zack Treager). Ikebukuro's Halloween parties have a distinctly different feel, being more relaxed than Shibuya's. Also Read: Japanese Halloween Festival Fucked: Truck Overthrown and 'Digrepe-Grepe Intimate Organ' Source: SoraNews24 Admin Animenyus Animenyus Media is a site that discusses the latest news about anime and Japan.