Boku No Hero Academia 215 Indonesian: Imperfect Black Whips

The spoilers for Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 215 are out, and we'll cover them in this post. Boku no Hero Academia 215 will conclude the battle between Class 1-A and Class 1-B. It seems that Midoriya is getting more comfortable using Black Whips. Throughout the fight, he was mentored by the predecessors of One For All and that led them to victory. As we saw in the previous chapter, Izuku doesn't want to use One For All because he doesn't want to hurt other people. At the same time, his own body was heavily damaged, so using One For All could potentially injure him. Some spoilers report that it uses 8% of One For All, but that hasn't been confirmed. What we do know is that this is the first time Izuku has successfully used his new ability, the Black Whips quirk. He defeated Shinsou, and at the same time, Ochaco defeated Reiko and Mineta defeated Koudai with his Mineta Gum attack. Everyone was performing very well, and as the battle ended, Midoriya felt intense pain all over his body from the use of Black Whips. It looks like this quirk hasn't adapted well to Izuku's body so far. Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 215 will be officially released on February 4th 2018. The scans for this chapter will be out tomorrow. Also Read: One Punch Man 2 Reveals New Character Visuals and Staffs Source: OtakuKart Admin Animenyus Animenyus Media is a site that discusses the latest news about anime and Japan.