One Piece 945 Bahasa Indonesia: Chaos In Prison

Hello friends! In this article I will discuss the spoilers and release date of One Piece 945. One Piece Chapter 944 in my opinion is an interesting chapter since Oda started writing the journey of the story in the Wano arc. Honestly, since One Piece Chapter 943 was released, I feel the story in Wano has started to take direction and there are many great surprises in it. One Piece chapter 945 starts with Orochi who is angry with Otoko is still alive. So, he shouted at his subordinates to kill him. Zoro and Sanji protect Otoko. Zoro attacks Orochi but he is blocked by Kyoshiro. Meanwhile, X-Drake transforms into his dinosaur form and attacks Sanji. Nami, Usopp, Robin, and Franky joined the fight and they brought Yasuie's body. Orochi escapes. At the same time, Luffy cheered for his friends from the prison, and at that time, Kid and Kamazou were brought back to the Mine Prison. As it turns out, Kamazou is none other than Killer. He worked for Orochi and fell victim to the fruits of SMILE. Killer couldn't stop laughing. Queen executes Kid and Killer but Big Mom arrives at Udon Prison. Furthermore, Big Mom will most likely clash with Queen. That's when Luffy, Kid and the others will have a chance to escape. The story is getting more interesting and the chaos from the Wano arc is even more pronounced! One Piece version of the scaling will be released on April 7, 2019. Read Manga: One Piece 945 Also read: Black Clover Episode 86 Indonesian subtitles: Yami and Vangeance Habibie S. A teenager who likes to write and read.