The Japanese Government Made Special Anime For Blood Donation

Hi all! What do you think about public advertisements in Indonesia? Maybe you feel ordinary, right, but it's a different story when compared to Japan. In this article, I will discuss a unique society advertisement made by the Japanese government. Launching from, the advert tells the story of aspiring idol singer "Sara" running into the meeting room where the other four members of her idol unit are just waiting. He explained that he stopped to give directions to a woman he had run over on the road who was on his way to donate blood. The idol group's name is KKT21 which stands for 21st Century's "Kenketsu" (Blood Donation). The animation in this anime is not that good because what makes this anime is not from the anime maker, but the Japanese Ministry of Health. In response to reduced blood donations from people in their 20s and adolescents (although as the KKT21 manager pointed out to 15-year-old Masumi, you must be at least 16 to donate blood in Japan). ▼ But you will be moved and cry by reading thank you messages from people whose lives were saved by donating blood. After getting their group name, KKT21 spent more time on their screens talking about blood than doing music. Modern science still cannot synthesize human blood, they learn, that blood samples cannot be maintained for very long, which means that there is a constant need for volunteers. Fortunately, they can find blood donors online that can direct potential donors to nearby blood donors and donation facilities. Wow, it's really creative to make a short anime into a public service advertisement, if it's like this, hopefully a lot of people will be moved to donate their blood Also Read: Download Link Isekai Quartet Episode 9 Sub Indonesian Source: Soranews24 Roy Rasel Akay A vocational school student who likes anime, manga, and Japanese