Don't D Boo And Episo De 109

We are now in another filler arc for the Boruto anime. Actually this cannot be considered as a filler or an ordinary distraction because this arc is an adaptation of a light novel. But it is a bit disappointing for a \ light novel \. When we thought Mirai Sarutobi, Kakashi Hatake and Might Guy were getting some serious screentime, it seems like this has been a disappointment so far. In the last episode of Naruto, we saw the legendary Might Guy confronting Madara Uchiha's ten tails and now suddenly he was terrified by seeing a ghost. Now, come to the spoilers of the upcoming episode of the Boruto anime. In this episode we will see Mirai, Kakashi and Might Guy accompanied by a little girl known as Tatsumi who was introduced in the last episode. They travel to a secret hot spring to honor Tatsumi's mother's memory. But after reaching their destination, it was revealed that recently a giant rock had blocked the supply of hot springs and had caused big trouble for the villagers. Mirai Sarutobi clearly wants to help them suddenly Chōji Akimichi will arrive and he will tell them that he does want to help the villagers, but he is too hungry to use his strength. This again seemed absurd since Kakashi Hatake was able to destroy the meteorite with his Purple Lightning, so why didn't he use that jutsu or even Might Guy with one leg to solve this problem! But they don't and even Chōji seems helpless! Then we might see Mirai Sarutobi himself smashing the boulder. Also read: One Piece 945 Indonesian: Chaos in Prison Source: TheAnimeScrolls Habibie S. A teenager who likes to write and read.