Dr. Stone Episode 5 Spoiler Leaked! Resurrection Of My Penny

The Dr. Stone anime series was widely praised for its excellent storytelling and excellent animation. Dr. Stone episode 4 is the best episode of the show so far. In this episode, we have to see a new signal and the Senku team is unsure about the signal coming from someone other than Tsukasa. But for science, they can't ignore those signals. As soon as Senku started the fire, Tsukasa knew their location and rushed to the place, here he found Yuzuriha and took him prisoner. He used him as bait to get the reviving formula from Senku, after he got the formula he asked Senku to drop all his ideologies and part with science and join him but he refused to part with science. Tsukasa tells him that they can become friends if things turn out differently. Taiju arrived at the scene but it was too late because Senku was disembarking at the time. Now, let's talk about new episode spoilers. I will cover new episode spoilers from now on so if you don't like reading spoilers then I advise you to turn to another article. In this episode we will see Taiju throwing a big rock to distract, Tsukasa and Yuzuriha will throw gunpowder at him while Tsukasa kicks the gunpowder pot, the rock collapses which will cause an explosion. This will provide an opportunity for Taiju and others to run. Tsukasa would think he must have killed Senku because he thought he broke his spine. Taiju will find out that Senku has a piece of rock left near his neck where he forces Tsukasa to hit him. Taiju will use the awakening formula in this section and Senku will come back to life. In this way, Senku will be resurrected in Dr. Stone episode 5 5 titled \ Stone World The Beginning \. The release date for Dr Stone episode 5 is August 2, 2019. Also Read: The 25th Japanese Title of the University of Indonesia (GJUI) carries the theme 'Timeless Memories' Source: The Anime Scrolls Fadhel Ichsan A student who likes anime