The Kyoto Government Claims To Pay Celebrities To Talk About The Great City Of Kyoto

Last week, a photography ban was instituted on certain streets in Kyoto's historic Gion district. The new policy comes in response to a growing number of tourists who in the opinion of some locals have been overreaching good behavior in their quest to get photos worthy of being posted online. However, that is not to say that Kyoto completely refuses to get the increasing amount of social media attention. In the fall of last year, comedy duo Miki, consisting of Kyoto native brothers Kosei and Asei Miki, sent a total of four tweets encouraging people to visit the Kyoto International Film Festival and buy local produce under the furusato nozei system, allowing people everywhere. only in Japan to classify designated regional grocery and craft purchases as donations, reaping tax benefits that are in line with charity spending. The chirp was accompanied by photographs of the duo in front of traditional Kyoto architecture, similar to cityscapes on streets that have now imposed a photography ban. ????国際 映 画 祭 2018 # 京 都市 ふ る さ と 納税 - ミ キ 亜 生 弟 (@mikiasei) October 10, 2018 However, this week it was revealed that Mickey's tweets are motivated by more than hometown pride. Talent agency Yoshimoto Kogyo, who represents the two, has acknowledged that the tweet was made according to a contract the company signed with the city of Kyoto, with the city paying 500,000 yen (Rp.64 million) per tweet.大好 き な 京都 の 町 並 み !! 京都 を 愛 す る 人 な ら 誰 で も , 京 都市 を 応 援 で き る ん っ て! 詳 し く こ か ら https: //京 都市 ふ る さ と 納税 - ミ キ 昴 生 兄 (@mikikouseiani) October 10, 2018 However, in the case of Kyoto and Miki, the compensation capacity of the duo's tweets was not disclosed until this week, leading to criticism of the usage. public funds for marketing campaigns. Following the news, a spokesman for the Kyoto mayor's office told reporters that since Miki's tweet was accompanied by a hashtag that translates to "Kyoto encouragement force", the city has no further responsibility to reveal the nature of its relationship with comedians. That doesn't seem to be an opinion all Kyoto residents agree on, and suggests that even Japan's ancient capital was not immune to the growing plight of social media. Also Read: Read Manga Gakou Gurashi Chapter 12 (Final) in Indonesian