Makoto Shinkai 'Forgetfulness' Adds Cloud Images to Visual Anime Weathering With You

From humble beginnings as "the guy making his own OVA," Makoto Shinkai has climbed the ranks to become the Top anime director. Its success is due to its stunning film artwork. Quoted from (31/05/2020), with attention to detail and aesthetic flair, Shinkai created a world of pure emotions that sparkled, and he was at his best when he portrayed the sky. Because of this, Shinkai's latest film, Weathering with You, gave him ample opportunity to show off his talents. Clouds, rain and sunshine are important plot points and metaphorical motifs, and the director even says his initial inspiration for the film came while gazing at the summer sky. But as beautiful as Weathering with You looks in the cinema, it turns out that he is not 100 percent satisfied with the visuals. The film was released on Blu-ray and DVD in Japan on Wednesday, but prior to its release Shinkai felt the need to brush up on some parts, one of which he pointed out in the tweet below.ち な み に DVD / BD, ほ ぼ 気 付 か れ な い よ う な 微妙 な 修正 を 何 箇 所 か し て お り ま す が, 一番 わ か り や す い の は こ こ か も. 上 が 劇場 公開 版, 下 が パ ッ ケ ー ジ 版 で す. ス ク リ ー ン で 雲 の レ イ ヤ ー を表示 し 忘 れ た の に 気 づ い た 時 に は 血 の 気 が 引 き ま し た 笑。 で も ま あ 、 今 と な っ て は 劇場版 貴重 な 状態 だ ま あ 、 今 と な っ て は は 貴重 な 状態 だ pic.も K shinkaimakoto) May 27, 2020 The top half of the image shows a heartbreaking scene where young lovers Hodaka and Hina fall through the sky with outstretched arms. But when Shinkai saw a glaring flaw, he said he "turned pale with shock". So, what's the problem? He forgot to add the layer of clouds he wanted in the background. The home video version with the missing clouds can be seen at the bottom of Shinkai's tweet image. It's surprising to hear that the director of the most luxurious big-budget anime film of 2019 is still making revisions. Shinkai actually says that the home video version of Weathering with You contains a number of other improvements, but that this particular example is "the most visible", proving that he's a true perfectionist when it comes to his film appearances, even for things most of us don't. will pay attention. Also Read: Release Date for Attack on Titan Season 4 (Final Season) Source: Soranews24 Fadhel Ichsan A student who likes anime