Black Clover Season 3: Kingdom Spade Arc May Not Start Until The Last Episode

Black Clover anime fans may be wondering when the TV adaptation will return to original (canon) material. The answer to this has finally been revealed recently by anime director Tatsuya Yoshihara. The start of the manga from the Kingdom of Spade arc has been postponed for anime adaptation, so the TV anime show won't pick up on the original story written by Tabata. The anime series is currently a filler only. Anime director Yoshihara and the production team have been in contact with Tabata, who has given them lots of ideas for future canon episodes. Fans who translated the tweet assumed that Yoshihara would create an original story from the anime which might continue until episode 151.If the anime will maintain the same sequence of episodes from 2017, it could mean the Kingdom of Spade arc won't start until the last two episodes of Black Clover season 3. It should be noted that the anime already has 51 episodes each season, making episode 153 the expected season finale. However, other fans have different interpretations of what Yoshihara said on Twitter. One assumes the director working on the anime under Tabata's supervision will start the original story from episode 151. If this happens, fans can see the original episode of the anime in the first episode of season 4. Spoiler Black Clover Season 3 As of now, it is best to wait for a clearer announcement. and officially regarding the direction of the anime while enjoying the remaining episodes in Black Clover season 3. It is usually called a Training Arc because of a practice event that occurred in the six months preceding the manga's timeskip. For example, the anime includes an original two-part story that shows Leopold acquiring new magical abilities while training with Black Bulls. The next installment of Black Clover season 3 episode 137 will be released on Tuesday, August 4, 2020. Admin Life is like a pencil that will run out of time, but will leave beautiful writing in life.