Black Clover Chapter 263 Spoilers: Rescue Mission

Black Clover Manga recently released its newest chapter. William Vangeance and Yami are still being kidnapped by Dark Triad members. Not knowing their fate, it was clear that there was no way Captain Yami was relaxing smoking and sitting on the toilet. Asta finally met Captain Black Bull and he was surprised that the man named Nacht could casually talk to the devil. Asta wants to be like Nacht and asks the Black Bull vice-captain to train his demonic abilities to 100%. But Nacht asks Asta to rest first. Nacht also said that he had never been to headquarters from the start. Elsewhere, the captains and vice captains are now gathering for a meeting. They discuss the rescue mission of Captain Yami and Vangeance. Charolotte Roselei is the one who worries the most about Yami's safety because she hasn't had time to confess her love. Fuegoleon Vermillion is worried that the gate is already open. But Jack was not very enthusiastic. This made Nozel Silva furious and wanted to defeat the Dark Triad with his own two hands. The meeting of the captains and vice captains suddenly went awry. Black Clover Chapter 263 Spoiler When chaos fills the meeting, suddenly Nacht appears with Asta in his hands. The next chapter is still about Nacht. First, Nacht will strategize about the rescue mission with the captains. Then later Nacht's past might as well be revealed. The reason why he had not been seen at the headquarters so far also contained many curious fans. What has he been doing all this time? Given his important position in the Black Bulls? The story of meeting Nacht and Yami for the first time is also definitely very good to look forward to. In addition, he is the person who is currently the key for Asta to be able to control his demonic power. Maybe training will start in the next chapter soon. Black Clover Chapter 263 Release Date Manga Black Clover Chapter 163 will be out on September 7, 2020. Make sure to buy the official comic when it's released in your city! Admin Life is like a pencil that will run out of time, but will leave beautiful writing in life.