These 5 Cafes In Japan Contain Unique Animals Inside! Interested In Trying It?

Hi friends, how are you, friends? Have you ever been to animal cafes in Japan? Before continuing, let's watch the following video! These cafes are really weird, but cool. Why? These animals cannot be found freely in Japan every day. Here is a list of 5 cool and weird animal cafes in Japan. Let's check it out! Goat Cafe: Sakuragaoka Cafe This cafe is located in Shibuya, Tokyo. Have you ever imagined being in a cafe, but surrounded by goats? At Sakuragaoka cafe, there are 2 goats named Sakura and Chocolat. But be careful with the drinks you ordered. I'm afraid that the goats eat it up. Unfortunately, the cafe owner does not encourage visitors to pet Sakura and Chocolat. Visitors are only allowed to observe and enjoy the view of the cafe surrounded by goats. For more information, friends can visit the website and social media here.4. Hedgehog Cafe: Harry's Cafe This cafe is located in Roppongi, Tokyo. Friends can play to your heart's content with hedgehogs in this cafe. This cafe does sell drinks, but hedgehogs are the main thing here. But for friends who are amused by hedgehogs, You should first cancel the intention of visiting this cafe. For more information, friends can visit their Facebook social media here. 3. Rabbit Cafe: Usagi Ohisama Cafe This rabbit cafe is located in Setagaya Tokyo. In this cafe you can pet the rabbits while waiting for the order to arrive. Even while enjoying the drinks and food here, you can play with the rabbits. .Eits, friends can capture the moment on your friends' Instastory. For more information, visit their website here. 2. Bird Cafés: Tori no Iru Cafe This cafe is located in Kiba or Asakusa, Tokyo. There are indeed many bird cafes, but this is the only cafe that visitors are allowed to interact with the birds such as petting or letting the bird perch on the visitor's shoulder . Check out this post on Instagram 昨日 の デ ザ ー ト は 、 り ん ご ち ゃ ん ケ ー キ 凄 く 食 べ に く い (笑) A post shared by KuuOwl フ ク ロ ウ の く う ち ゃ ん @ @ (2016) There is only one type of bird. There are parrots, eagles, owls, parrots and various other types of birds. This cafe also has a menu that resembles the birds in the cafe. See this post on Instagram こ う な る 運 命 な の で す。 A post shared by yU + Co (@ id_yuko167) on 10 Jul 2016 at 9:31 PM PDT More information, friends can visit their website here. 1. Reptile Café: Reptile Café This cafe is located in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture. If you like scaly animals, this cafe is perfect for a visit! This cafe has iguanas, frogs, snakes, geckos and other animals.に 天候 悪 化 予 報 の 横 浜 で す が 本 日 も 通常 営 業 (ふ れ あ い 17 時 ま の 浜 で す が 本 日 も 通常 営 業 (ふ れ あ い 17 時 ま で 、 浜 で す が 本 日 もも7 月 4 日 で な ん と 開店 5 周年 今年 も 感謝 ガ ラ ポ ン く じ を 準備 中! ご 期待 く だ さ い 写真 は ヒ ョ ウ モ ン ト ゲ 中 さ 期待 くく 写真 は ョ ウ モ ン2016 夏日 予 報 の 横 浜, 湿度 高 め で 店内 は 暑 い の で 調節 で き る 服装 で ご 来 店 く だ さ い ね お 店 は 今日 も 通常 営 業 (ふ れ あ い 17 時 ま で, LO18 時 頃) で す 写真 は ヒ ー タ ー に 集 ま っ て る フ ト ア ゴ ヒ ゲ ト カ ゲた ち と ギ ア ナ カ イ マ ン ト カ ゲ た ち で す— 横 浜 亜 熱 帯 茶館 〜 爬虫 類 Cafe〜 (@reptilescafe) June 17, 2016 For more information, friends can visit their website and social media. Well, what about friends? Are you interested in visiting one of these cafes? Stay tuned at Source: Youtube cici Latte, cappuccino and bintang