Tokyo Has A Great Hangout For Otaku, Cafes With Lots Of Manga!

With beer in the left hand and a shelf full of manga on the right, this feels absolutely perfect, but what is this place? Japanese cities are filled with \ manga cafes \, but these cafe companies provide much more surprises. Sure, they're filled with lots of comics to read, but they also have quite an attractive interior and bar-style drinks. Tokyo Manga Night Books, is a cafe with manga but can also be called a manga bar. Located in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward, Manga Night is actually a very diverse place. This is a manga specialty shop, but also a manga library with a large collection of comics that you can read for free! Then when you are engrossed in reading manga there is a cafe inside with drinks and food available. Manga Night is also an art gallery too, with rotating exhibitions showcasing works by manga characters. After getting off the subway at Myogadani Station on the Marunouchi Line, you will be able to head to Manga Night which is not far from there. While the exterior on the outside looks understated calmly blends into the surrounding cityscape, then as soon as you look inside you know you're in the right place. The current Manga Night exhibition features some of the impressive colorful artwork by the aliased series star, Duke Togo. In most manga shops in Japan, comics are compiled by publishers, and within each publisher section they are further sorted by author name. Manga Night does things a little differently, though with the books sorted by theme or some other shared characteristic. When we stopped by, some of the groupings that were arranged were autumn manga, manga with iconic school uniform designs, and many more. But like we said, this is a cafe, and once you're on your first stop, you can order a coffee or other soft drink, and even order a beer! Apart from being able to buy manga, Manga Night has a large collection of comics that visitors can read for free as they sip their drinks. In general, the free-to-read manga is the first volume, but with so many series on offer, there's no shortage of reading material for sure. There are parts that are free to read, marked with the kanji 閲 覧 専 用 (etsuran senyo / "to read"). Manga Night makes visitors fall in love with the detail and charm of manga art. After choosing a drink and manga, the next thing to do is choose a seat. Counter places are great if you want to mingle with fellow manga fans, but there are also places to be alone with comfy sofas. This is a very comfortable seat, with a soft sofa-style chair placed in the back corner. This place is perfect for relaxing! Cafe Information: Manga Night Books / マ ン ガ ナ イ ト Books Address: Tokyo-to, Bunkyo-ku, Kasuga 2-14-9, Spice 1st floor 東京 都 文 京 区 春日 2-14-9 SPICE 1F Open 12: 30 pm-7 pm, 7:30 pm-10: 30 pm Closed: Sundays, Mondays, Also Read: Boku No Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 25: A Season of Encounters Source: SoraNews24 Admin Animenyus Animenyus Media is a site that discusses the latest news around anime and Japan.