Sophisticated, This Robot In Japan Can Serve Ice Cream In Just 32 Seconds!

Hi friends .. Who likes ice cream? For friends who have been to Japan, have you ever tasted ice cream cones sold in Japan? Let's watch the following video! It turns out that making perfect soft ice cream cones is much more. It's hard to think! To get perfect, it takes extra struggle to stir it, besides that, the right shape and timing are also taken into account when served at the restaurant. This time a new breakthrough emerged from a company in Japan. A company in Japan for the restaurant industry released a new innovation, namely Soft Cream Robot (pronounced: sofuto kuriimu or soft cream, which means soft ice cream). Imagine, this robot makes the perfect ice cream cone in just 32 seconds! How do you order it? It's easy, friends enter your orders using a special tablet. The taste choices also vary, there are vanilla, chocolate, or chocolate swirl vanilla flavors. After you enter the order, this robot will start moving. It starts dropping the cone from the machine into the Soft Cream Robot cone container, then the machine takes out the ice cream. The selected flavor variant comes out. This robot rotates the cone forward and backwards for a flawless, soft finish. When finished, the employee started serving it. This dinosaur model robot is specially made to have a fog feature to entertain. This robot is also able to process ice cream in a cup as a medium that offers toppings. Connected Robotics also makes characters for Soft Cream Robot too. , namely dogs and dinosaurs. This can also be used as the mascot of a restaurant or cafe. If you want to start a new business, this is a very good idea for your business. Why? This is because it can entertain and attract anyone's attention, either both children and adults. Which friends do you choose? Ice cream made by dogs or made by dinosaurs? Write in the comments below! Stay tuned at Source: PR Times cici Latte, cappuccino and bintang