Fuji Dream Airlines Offers Cheap Travel Packages To Mount Fuji

Who has ever been to Japan? Has anyone ever visited Mount Fuji from a close distance? Let's watch the following video first! This time the Fuji Dream flight has a destination to Mount Fuji! Even passengers will be offered to go on excursions here. Aircraft Hangars Who doesn't Do you know about the highest mountain in Japan? Usually climbers include Mount Fuji as one of their climbing lists. However, due to the current outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, they have to abandon that intention. At least until mid-2021. That's why Fuji Dream Airlines found a gap for their business. Airplane Cockpit They offer Fuji sightseeing flights. You can still see the view and panoramic view from the air even if you don't set foot on the mountain. All sightseeing flights operate from Nagoya Airport, which is also known as Komaki Airport. The first flight was held on September 20 at 1 p.m. It proved so popular that it sold out and additional flights were added the next day. The next series of flights were scheduled for October 3 and 4 and their seats were also sold out within a day. This seems to be the belle of the aviation scene. Fuji Dream Airlines has several package offers including an optional additional tour at the end of each flight. Passengers are welcome to choose, the tour is led by actual airline pilots, flight attendants and mechanics. It includes access to areas normally off-limits to the general public, including aircraft hangars, passenger cabin training facilities and aircraft cockpits. , passengers are allowed to take a commemorative photo with the staff in front of the plane https://youtu.be/MRRoB6B0JPc In addition, passengers also receive flight certificates, a Fuji Dream Airlines plane doll and entrance tickets to the nearest Aichi Aviation Museum. Wow! that needs to be considered first. Passengers must follow the Covid-19 health protocol. Because 2 seats will be for single passengers. 2 seats are reserved for 2 passengers in 1 unit. 4 seats are prepared for 3 passengers in 1 unit, where the aircraft features 2 seats on both sides of the middle aisle. To make it more economical, it is better if you book flights in 2 ora units ng.Here is the list of flight packages provided: One person will be charged a fee of ¥ 1,000 (US $ 293) or IDR 4,250,000 Two people will be charged ¥ 14,000 per person or IDR 59,450,000 Three people will be charged a fee of ¥ 18,000 per person or IDR 76,473,000 With optional tours included as follows: One person is charged ¥ 35,500 or IDR 4,970,000 Two people are charged ¥ 18,500 per person Three people are charged ¥ 22,500 per person Children and adults are charged a fee same, but babies two years and under are free. The additional package includes flights to other regions in the country. If friends are interested and want to book, please keep an eye on the official Fuji Dream Airline website for more information here https://fuji-dream.radokanko.com/Stay tune continue yes at animenyus.com Source: PR Times cici Latte, cappuccino and bintang