When is the Release Date for the Lifeafter Season 3 Game?

Season 3 of Netease's post-apocalyptic survival game, LifeAfter, will kick off November 2020. Season 3 will introduce never-before-seen content to all players. This includes a vast open world, upgraded zombies, ground, air, sea battles, etc. Developers will massively revolutionize the survival experience in the game! Explore the vast open world featuring a huge map with exploreable areas, twice the size of before. Players can hike from Fall Forest to the desert, or climb to the top of Mount Snow and fall back. Of course, challenges and surprises can be found along the way like free vehicles for new experiences. All of these are upgraded along with engine upgrades for major upgrades- game landscape scale, weather changes, and character details for more depth. Players can also participate in the construction of infrastructure, such as dams, roads and gas stations, to make significant changes to the in-game world. There is a new system to make infections even worse ari is just a challenge. Barbed wire and locked doors may not be enough to stop it, as an Infected Person will be able to interact with the environment in more ways, such as climbing, destroying obstacles, and even taking advantage of the environment to camouflage themselves. In order to fight the evolved zombies, players will also see their weapons and professional system changed to better fight them. Stay tuned for LifeAfter Season 3 for all these updates! Admin Life is like a pencil that will run out of time, but will leave beautiful writing in life.