Ryu Ga Gotoku Or Yakuza Video Games Will Get A Hollywood Film Adaptation

Hi friends ... Who has played the Yakuza game? Currently there is a Hollywood adaptation of the Yakuza video game. Let's watch the following video first! There is an adaptation of a live action Hollywood video game, the Ryu ga Gotoku series. But for the language-speaking community English titled Yakuza. This action film tells the story of a member of a Japanese organized crime syndicate. This adaptation was produced by a company located in the United States 1212 Entertainment and Wild Sheep. Apart from Yakuza, there are other Japanese video games that have been adapted by Hollywood. Like Resident Evil, Double Dragon and Street Fighter. But this is the first time a Hollywood film version has been adapted from a video game made in Japan. You can tell that this Yakuza game is set in real-world cities in Japan, such as Tokyo, Osaka, Onomichi, Kamurocho and Shinjuku. . Most of the cast of the game characters are Japanese. To note, this live action film Ryu ga Gotoku or Yakuza was made in Japan. This film was directed by Takashi Miike in 2006. Eits, the work of the live action also encountered problems. With seven game lines main, there is the question of which part of the saga to adapt. In individual games, the story can meander at a very drawn out pace. A big part of what made the series successful is the many side quests and mini games. Protagonist and former Yakuza enforcer, Kazama Kiryu, is often delayed for hours as he goes out to sing idol songs at karaoke, runs a cat cafe, forms a baseball team, eats every variety of ramen the town has to offer and compliments girl's webcam chat on their busty physique. Without these diversions, the Yakuza don't feel like Yakuza. But on the other hand, it's hard to see how they fit into the structure of a traditional three-act film. Even if the pitch changes would surf with real actors as if they were using the video game model. With no cast or crew attached, or a projected release date, maybe have to wait to see the film adaptation. Stay tuned at animenyus.com Source: Twitter cici Latte, cappuccino and bintang