Only for the Sultan? These 5 islands in Japan can be bought!

Japan is a beautiful country. A country with advanced technology and a variety of stunning tourist destinations makes Japan a country that many tourists want to visit. But for some people, maybe visiting a busy famous tourist spot might be a bit saturated. Some people definitely want to enjoy the fresh air that is free from the hustle and bustle of the busy and crowded city life. Well, you must have dreamed of being able to enjoy a quiet vacation on your own private island. A vacation that is so relaxing for the mind and body without having to be limited by schedules, reservations at rush hour, and so on. So maybe these 5 islands in Japan can be your inspiration. These islands are uninhabited islands that are legally sold and marketed on the Aqua Styles website, which is a Japanese website that focuses on selling uninhabited islands and foreign real estate. So, here are the five islands: 1. Saga Island (Saga Prefecture) ) Buy 1 Get Three, that's the system from Saga Island in Saga Prefecture, Japan. The three uninhabited islands are not too big, but they are quite close to the mainland of Kyushu, Japan's southernmost main island. Making this island suitable for those who do not want to be too far from civilization. The island measures 2,584 square meters, and is sold for 30 million yen or around Rp. 4,217,020,554, - only! 2. Komariyama Island (Wakayama Prefecture) This beautiful island in Wakayama Prefecture is only 5 minutes from the nearest port by boat. Easily accessible, the island also has clear water and beautiful white sand. The island has an area of ​​3,384 square meters or about twice the basketball court, making it perfect for building an easily accessible vacation home! Interested? the island is sold for 150 million yen or Rp. 21,079,909,442, -3. Urume Island (Tokushima Prefecture) Urume Island is a private island that can be considered small but relatively affordable, making it suitable for those on a budget. The island has an area of ​​7,444 square meters, and is sold for 35 million yen or Rp. 4,923,354,617, -4. Ubanari Island (Okinawa Prefecture) This island has beautiful white sand and clean coastal waters. In the afternoon, the beach water will even recede and add to the beauty of this island. Okinawa does not have many uninhabited islands, so this Komariyama island is one and very special. You can own this 36,796 square meter Indah Island by paying 500 million yen or around Rp. 70,333,637,398, -5. Rai Island (Hiroshima Prefecture) The last one is Rei Island. This island is the farthest island from the other islands, so it is very suitable for seclusion. This island consists of two white sandy beaches and lots of flat land that can be used for development projects. The island is not located in a national park so it doesn't have any property regulations attached. You're free to fish, swim and enjoy private marine sports! The island is registered with an area of ​​100,834.8 square meters. The price of Rai Island is sold at the same price as Ubanari Island, which is 500 million yen or around Rp. 70,333,637,398, -How? Interested in buying? It's okay, just ignore it first, hihi. Make it a motivation to always work hard huh! Source: Soranews24 Namiiii Just someone who tries to express her love for anime through writing. Also conanian, sherlockian, mystery mania. If you want to know me more, you can find me at @namira_calista