Spoiler for Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 289: Gigantomachia Arrives on the Battlefield

There are many important events taking place in the current arc with Toga and Uraraka's fight and Gigantomachia's reunion with Shigaraki. Fans will be happy to know that both will be featured in Boku no Hero Academia chapter 289. Poiler Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 289 The battle between Toga and Uraraka will continue in Boku no Hero Academia chapter 289, but will end suddenly. These two are the most entertaining rivals to watch for a variety of reasons. They are both very skilled at combat and have some of the most interesting Quirks in the series. In addition, the two characters have a strange relationship mainly because Toga wants to be friends with Uraraka. In the midst of their fight, leaks indicate that Toga will continue to start conversations with Ochako, and one of the topics he chooses is whether they both like Deku or not. . Ochako reportedly won't answer Toga's questions, and their fight will be shortened in Boku no Hero Academia chapter 289. Tsuyu arrives at the location where they were fighting and forces Toga to leave the scene. Meanwhile, it can be remembered that the previous chapters show that Gigantomachia moving at an unexpected speed as he tried to reach Shigaraki on the battlefield. The spoilers of Boku no Hero Academia chapter 289 show that Machia has finally reached her master at the same time that the other heroes came for reinforcements. This chapter suggests Nejire, Iida, and Todoroki play an important role in the continuation of the battle. The same source mentions that the last page text indicates that the war is "reaching the final". Boku no Hero Academia chapter 289 will be released on Sunday November 1, 2020. Admin Life is like a pencil that will run out of time, but will leave beautiful writing in life.