One Piece Manga Spoiler Chapter 995 In Indonesian

One Piece chapter 994 has just been released and shows an epic battle. This article will discuss One Piece chapter 995 spoilers. But before discussing spoilers, let's recap the events in the last chapter. Kaido is preparing to kill all the samurai's lives. Kinemon is ready to die and say That he would not be honored if he died at Kaido's hands. Currently Luffy is on the 1st floor of Kaido's headquarters. He is escorted by Sanji and Jinbei, it feels good there is a little comedic touch where Sanji is angry because his name is not mentioned by Kaido's troops. just praising Luffy's and Jinbei's strength. In addition, Zoro and the others are chasing Apoo. Apoo brings a vaccine to cure people affected by the \ ice devil \ virus. Queen deliberately gives Apoo vaccines to enjoy the show. Then the scene Finally there is Momonosuke who is battered and protected by Yamato. One Piece Manga Spoiler Chapter 995 Currently there are 4 scenes in the arc flow. Wano. So the focus of the story is divided into 4 goals, but of course this can develop. The prediction is more or less like this. 1. Kaido VS Samurai Scene In this scene, we will see Samurai dying because he can't match Kaido's strength. Kaido shows his true strength, that's because he thinks death is a perfection. The samurai will fight to the death. Most likely the samurai will made a wound that would later help Luffy penetrate the thick skin. So the samurai's struggle will definitely not be in vain even if he ends up losing. Luffy fights enemies on every floor As we know there are 5 floors in Kaido's base (not including the underground). Each floor will have its own difficulty level. The chances are Jinbei and Sanji will fight the All Star or The Flying Six and let Luffy continue to the top. like online games in general, where the boss is on the roof (Kaido). However, according to predictions, each floor is not necessarily difficult and takes a long time, it is proven on the sati floor which displays zoan devil fruit giraffe and chicken, both of them were immediately kicked by Sanji and fell on his back. .3. It is known that Chopper will be in charge of multiplying vaccines and anti-viral drugs. So Zoro will fight Apoo, of course there will be help from Apoo because it will definitely be exciting when the enemy arrives. But considering the duration is only 1 hour, this battle will also not be long The Chopper will eventually get the vaccine no matter what. Yamato Rampage It's fun because we will see the Yamato VS Sasaki battle. Maybe our next chapter will also be shown about Sasaki's devil fruit. Now that is the possibility that will happen in chapter 995. I will update the official spoiler when it is leaked yes mina. Yosh! Don't forget to leave a comment, arigatou. Admin Life is like a pencil that will run out of time, but will leave beautiful writing in life.