Three Tips For The Japanese To Become A Productive Writer

Illustration Image: A writer would want to be a productive writer who produces a lot of quality work that is liked by many people. Like what was done by a Japanese writer named Mikito Chinen. So far, Chinen has written 25 mystery novels divided into three different series: Takao Ameku's Deductive Medical Charts, Shinigami, and Cheers at Miki Clinic. The last series written by Chinen was finally made into a TV drama consisting of nine episodes early last year. Chinen turned 40 in 2019, but he managed to make 25 novels in just eight years. Moreover, all of his works were written by Chinen amidst his busy life as a doctor practicing internal medicine. Chinen's achievements make many people wonder how Chinen can produce so many works that attract so many readers? Moreover, the writer is not really Chinen's main job. Everything lies in a secret which Mikoto later revealed on his official twitter, @ Mikito_777 In his tweet, Chinen mentioned that there is actually a secret in itself to make ideas continue to flow from his mind. It all lies in how he is committed to applying these three things to himself: 1. Get as much sleep as you can Illustration Drawing Writing is an activity that requires ideas and creativity, and some people get ideas after staying up all night. However, of course, it is difficult for the human brain to come up with interesting ideas when it is tired and sleepy. Especially if you are like Chinen who has a main job, where you have to get up in the morning and do activities. So stop your writing routine by staying up late so you can still rest your body and mind. Chinen also mentioned that a writer's sleep should be the same as sleeping like a baby. 2. Turn off the smartphone and the internet connection on the electronic device Illustrated Everyone knows the temptation of smartphones and social media. Reading an incoming message will usually entice you to check other things so it doesn't feel like hours have passed. Turning off your cellphone will avoid the temptation to read messages or spend time just on social media which is actually not very useful. If you have to do research on your writing, then do it before writing. Search and record the results in your book, so you can focus without distraction while writing. 3. Record how many words or pages you have written each day Illustrative Images Keeping track of how much you have written will help you to reward yourself for the achievements you have made. After some time, this will also give you a basis for how much output you can normally produce per day. With this limitation, you will know whether you have become productive or vice versa. How, there's nothing wrong with trying right? Pandemic isn't a barrier to staying productive, right? Keep the spirit up! Source: Soranews24 Namiiii Just someone who tries to express her love for anime through writing. Also conanian, sherlockian, mystery mania. If you want to know me more, you can find me at @namira_calista