Unique! Tokyo's 'weird hotels' use anime girl holograms as their employees!

Nothing is the most impossible than your waifu or husbandom to be real. But what if it's not entirely impossible? At least like what a hotel called Hen na Hotel does or if it translates to 'Weird Hotel' in Tokyo. Located in the Asakusa neighborhood of Tokyo, this hotel makes what was initially impossible at least half impossible. How not, this hotel uses holograms of anime girls as part of their employees. In the hotel lobby, customers will be greeted by cute anime girls, and help customers to check-in. Apart from check-in, holograms and anime drawings from Idolmaster will also be available throughout the hotel as decorations, including the lobby, terrace, restaurant and hotel bar, to all 217 rooms. As a bonus, the TV programs at this hotel not only show idolmaster anime shows, but also new video content that cannot be seen anywhere but in this hotel. Apart from the otaku-nuanced theme, this hotel is also located close to the Asakusa and Ueno districts, and also has subway access which makes it easy for customers to access otaku's paradise, in Akihabara. This exclusive service with the theme of idolmaster can be enjoyed on January 14-15 if you make a reservation from now. How? This hotel really embodies the fantasies of wibu and otaku, right? Namiiii Just someone who tries to express her love for anime through writing. Also conanian, sherlockian, mystery mania. If you want to know me more, you can find me at @namira_calista