Rilakkuma And Friends Will Be Back On Netflix In The Stop Motion Animated Series

Hi friends .. Who are the fans of Rilakkuma? This time, Rilakkuma will be back on Netflix in the stop motion animation series. This animated series Rilakkuma will tell the story of Amusement Park Adventures. Rilakkuma is everyone's favorite laid-back bear character having fun at the amusement park. Eits, make no mistake. This cute mascot character has proven to be an international idol since his debut in 2003 by the company San-X, whose name is a portmanteau of relax The word kuma itself comes from the Japanese word, bear. ▼ Rilakkuma's distinctive appearance (often depicted as lazy and lying) Rilakkuma and friends have inspired countless Hawaiian items, such as plush dolls, stationery, kitchen utensils and household items. There is even a teahouse in Miyajima to participate in this event. In 2019, Netflix launched a stop motion animated series by the Dwarf Animation Studio called Rilakkuma and Kaoru. This series consists of 13 episodes and premiered in April 2019. This series is the second most watched program on Netfilx Japan in 2019. Wow! This series follows the adventures of Rilakkuma, Kaoru and Kiirotori's roommate and office worker. Kiitori's name itself means yellow bird. In 2020, a new Netflix stop motion original series called Rilakkuma's Theme Park Adventure (リ ラ ッ ク マ と 遊 園地) now in the works with the same production team. The series will stream on Netflix, in over 190 countries for 8 episodes. Each episode is about 10 minutes long. The story itself is about a busy day, when a group of friends visit an upcoming theme park closed and they met all kinds of people. Oh yeah. While waiting, try my friends to watch the new series Rilakkuma is NOT actually a bear at the following link Can't wait! Stay tuned at Source: PR Times cici Latte, cappuccino and bintang