The Japanese Government Officially Allows Romantic Teenagers To Express Their Love

Japanese culture, when it comes to romance and emotional expression, is a little more indirect. A Japanese couple can hardly say I love you like a Western couple. Japanese couples are not seen kissing in public. This is in stark contrast to Westerners where they would be awkward saying please be my boyfriend. Tsukiatte kudasai is a milestone of romance in general in Japan. Which means something that many people expect from a Japanese partner, explicitly recognizing the nature Currently, couples in Japan are legally legally acquainted with their affection. Because they can submit official government documents confirming their love for each other. In the city of Nagareyama, Chiba prefecture, it is now receiving koitodoke or love declaration forms. Japan has indeed been facing a decline in the birth rate for some time. So there are financial problems in the country where the municipality is collect resident tax. The fee accounts for more than half of Nagareyama's taxes. To protect the revenue stream, legislators took the initiative to proclaim the use of the city as a shooting location. One of them is the romantic film Momose, Kochi wo Muite. It gives young people a way to express their romantic feelings. This is expected to be one way to encourage childbirth. For the form itself, there is a column for the full names of friends and the names of the people you like. Then there are fields for writing down the time and place of meeting. ▼ Place: Bar in Shinjuku Time: Sometime between the sixth and eighth rounds For extra slots, there is also a column where the youngsters can write down the places they want to go with their loved ones. Then there is also a column of things their partner wants to say or tell. It's a little ridiculous. Young people in Japan don't have to have a relationship to send a koitodoke. People are liked not even involved in filling out documents. ▼ Can several lonely men simultaneously express their intention to get love from their favorite swimsuit model? The form recognizes that the other person may not respond to his feelings. But in that column there is also a section on whether the feeling is reciprocated or not, there is a separate response column that can be ticked yes, I'm not sure, I'm pretty sure, and no. have the courage to express love directly, can also write a date where it will tell the person you like how he really feels. Koitodoke itself does not ask for any contact information such as an address or phone number. Eits, in Koitodoke there is also a column containing the question whether this is applicant's first love or not. ▼ Can't they ask less awkward questions, like are you dressed to the right or to the left? In the city of Nagareyama itself, this koitodoke has been implemented. Koitodoke status is not legally binding, meaning there is no jurisdiction limitation. Those who live outside Nagareyama can submit the form online. Then can print a copy of the city authentication stamp bearing. Online form means can fill blank column in English. If young people always wanted to tell a city in Chiba, they liked Stacy from economy class, this was a golden opportunity. Stay tuned at Source: NHK cici Latte, cappuccino and bintang