5 Eating Etiquettes You Must Know If You Want To Go To Japan

Hi Everyone! In this article I will discuss ethics when eating in Japan. If you want to travel to Japan, you better follow the applicable rules, including ethics in eating. Japan has a unique eating ethic. Learning eating ethics in Japan is not only important when eating in Japan, but also can establish good communication when eating with Japanese people. Do not take the chopsticks before holding the bowl. So the right thing is to first take the rice bowl, then take the chopsticks. If you want to change the bowl, for example to the soup bowl the first step is to lower the chopsticks, put the new rice bowl and take the soup bowl. 2. Do not put chopsticks on the bowl. Mostly done in Indonesia, put chopsticks to pause eating or finish eating in a bowl. In Japan this is considered impolite. So we have to put the chopsticks in the chopstick holder, otherwise it can be in the tray or other similar object on the table. 3. Do not \ toel \ food with chopsticks If you are not sure which side to eat first, never \ menoel \ stir it with chopsticks. Also, do not move chopsticks back and forth in front of the food. In Japan, doubt taking this is called mayoibashi a.k.a. \ hesitating chopsticks \. It's better to stop eating rice first, taurh bowls and chopsticks to observe the side dishes you want to eat next. Don't chew while talking Just like in Indonesia, the behavior of chewing while talking is considered rude in Japan. Don't stick chopsticks Either stick chopsticks in food or stick chopsticks in rice to stop eating for a moment. Avoid this. So from this article, hopefully it will be of use for those of you who want to go to Japan! Rio Crisel Akay A man who has a hobby of ngewibu and idolizing Japanese events (Instagram @crisel_kun)