Unique, Japan Has A Very Realistic Assembled Ramen Noodle Toy, You Know!

Does anyone like to eat ramen? This time Japan has an innovation regarding instant ramen. Let's watch the following video first! Who doesn't know Nissin? Currently Nissin is releasing the Best Hit Chronicle. The model is the 1: 1 Noodle Cup including the noodles and toppings. This is the first time there is a homemade food model. Friends don't need glue or adhesive. All model arrangements are designed to fit. For the rings themselves, you need to arrange the cup in sections. At first glance, it looks really complicated. Do you know that the original Noodle Cup packaging has gold and red accents. The most interesting part is the assembly process. Eits, this product is friendly for beginners. You just need to link a few pieces together. As for the ramen assembly process itself, there are packages available with various noodle groups. When friends cook Cup Noodles, there will be more noodles on the top of the cup than the bottom. This model has the Japanese Agricultural Standard certification mark. When the cup and its contents are finished put together, friends need to add a sticker such as a nutritional information label. Just look at the model design. The original right or left? Here is a comparison of which are replicas and which are real. In this replication, there are also toppings of ground beef, eggs, shrimp and leeks. There is even a translucent sticker attached to the shrimp, giving the freshly cooked clams a luster. The shape of the Noodle Cup ground beef is very popular for instant ramen fans. Let's guess, which is the Best Chronocle Hit Noodle Cup model and which is the original Noodle Cup? Best Hit Chronicle currently sells for ¥ 2420 (US $ 23) or just Rp.334 thousand. To make it, it takes 2 hours or makes 40 cups of instant ramen with a standard cooking of about 3 minutes per cup. What do friends think? write in the comments column yes! Stay tuned at animenyus.com cici Latte, cappuccino and bintang