Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1000 Indonesian (direct From Oda)

There are 8 installments left before One Piece chapter 1000 is released. Series creator Eiichiro Oda recently revealed that he hopes to publish an important milestone for the manga before the end of 2020. Can he make it happen? One Piece chapter 1000: Storyline Prediction The news came from Oda himself in his notes published in Weekly Shonen. Jump issue # 43. Oda reportedly stated, \ The goal now is for the manga to reach Chapter 1,000 by the end of this year! \ To determine if Oda can make it happen, it should be noted that the most recent installment released was chapter 991 which came out digitally last Sunday. The One Piece manga has a weekly schedule, but Oda and his team usually take a week's break after they have released two or three chapters in a row. There will be no lag after chapter 991, which means One Piece chapter 992 will be released worldwide on Sunday, October 4th. Since then, Oda and his team will have 12 weeks left in 2020 to fulfill the publication of One Piece chapter 1000 before end of year. Technically, this is a very attainable goal and if Oda is eager to make it happen, that means there will only be a maximum of two breaks in the last three months of this year. With eight more chapters between the latest installment and One Piece chapter 1000, it is still difficult to predict what which will occur in a very special segment of this manga series. But if Oda is eager to make it an extraordinary chapter it might include the main storyline and events that could change the game. What is happening to Luffy and the Straw Hats now? The release of One Piece chapter 1000 also takes place in the most important part of one of the most story arcs. significant ever. The manga currently tells of events in the Wano Kuni arc and, more specifically, Luffy and his allies have sparked a war to free the country. The events at Wano put Luffy in direct conflict with two of the strongest pirates - Yonko - Kaido of the Beast Pirates and Charlotte. Linlin of the Big Mom Pirates. There was also a hint before One Piece chapter 1000, that Wano might be keeping a secret that would lead Luffy to Laugh Tale. Admin Life is like a pencil that will run out of time, but will leave beautiful writing in life.