Reie w Genshini mpact, Rpg Open rld and rbardari Mihoyo

Yo mina san! Ok this time I want to discuss the RPG game that was recently released, yes what else is right if it's not Genshin Impact. This game made by Mihoyo is indeed popular right now, so for those of you who are curious and still hesitant to download this game, let's discuss it together! Ok here I will emphasize one thing, Genshin Impact is a game with the RPG genre, remember RPG is not an MMORPG. So you won't meet many people when playing, but this game can still feature multiplayer. Keep in mind that this game also supports crossplatform features. PC, PS4, Android, IOS you can freely play on the platform. For its own appearance in my opinion Very fresh. Very fresh and of course anime elements are clearly felt here. At first glance many think this game is similar to Zelda, but in my opinion that is not true. But again, people's opinions differ right? Ok for the gameplay itself is quite unique, here You can take a walk through a very large map by bringing a party of four characters. The party is of course not automatically formed, you have to make the right combination considering there is an element system here. So you need to bring a party that matches the monster elements that you are going to have. The controls themselves are quite simple, apart from the movement button there is only the attack button and two active skills This will definitely make it easier for the players to adapt to these controls. I think the story is quite interesting. It is told that you are traveling twins, but when you arrive at a place one of your siblings is taken by someone and you are put to sleep by him And this is my favorite part, at the beginning of the game you will be asked to choose one of the two brothers, whether it's a boy or a girl. Interestingly, in my opinion, they can insert this concept in character selection and the storyline will remain the same. , so basically you will look for your brother in this game. In addition to the characters above, you can also play more than 20 other characters. And of course these characters can be obtained through gacha, yup, this gacha game does have a gach system. For the minimum system itself, this game is quite high, considering the stunning graphics offered and the map that is so wide, it is natural in my opinion. So what are you waiting for, just download right away, don't hesitate, you will definitely get a new playing experience and of course it's exciting in And for potato device friends, let's be patient and save from now on, don't be sad even though we can't play, we can still see our favorite vtuber playing this game. Okay, I think that's all, keep an eye on Animenyus! Just Radon Senyumin