Mano Aloe Announces Graduation From Hololive

Hello mina san! Yes, there are some people who consider Monday to be an unpleasant day. And for this time I agree with that, reported on Twitter Hololive a few hours ago, Mano Aloe announced his graduation from Hololive. An important announcement regarding Mano Aloe - hololive Official (@hololive_En) August 31, 2020 This does seem very sudden considering that Mano Aloe himself has just joined Hololive as the fifth generation. For now there are only 4 members left in Hololive 5th gen. Of course the four friends of one generation were also shocked and sad after hearing this news. This was clearly seen in the streaming that was held on the Shishiro Botan channel this morning. In the streaming, the atmosphere was clearly very different from usual. Everyone is sad, you will not hear the lively conversation like in the previous streams. Even though Botan seems ordinary, I assume he doesn't want to show his sadness in front of the other members and fans who are watching. Switching from the stream screen, the fans who were pouring their feelings on the live chat that morning also looked sad. They continue to provide various kinds of support from there for the remaining members of the Hololive 5th gen. They also appear to respect Mano Aloe's choice to quit and hope that he is given the best for his decision. The reason for Mano Aloe to quit is not clearly stated. Physically and mentally he was not ready to continue with these activities, both what was written in the announcement and what Botan had explained in his stream. It is possible that this has something to do with the bullying he has been experiencing recently. Reporting from his last live stream he revealed that he was sorry he had leaked his 2d live before debut and he also talked about the bullying he experienced. For more information, you can watch the stream here: Indeed this seems sudden, but as hololive fans, of course we have to respect that decision. Finally, for Mano Aloe, hopefully the best way is always given and for the 5th gen hololive, keep the spirit, senpai and all hololive fans around the world will always be there to accompany you. Just Radon Senyumin