Too Creative, This Japanese Youtuber Uses A Computer Cpu To Cook Various Foods

Japan has always been a source of strange ideas. Recently, a Japanese YouTube channel has shown videos with unique content. The video focuses on cooking various foods on a hot computer CPU. You probably already know that the CPU tends to get really hot, especially when it's a lot of work, but you probably never thought of using the CPU as a hotplate to cook a variety of foods, right? Well, one YouTuber from Japan recently and his video has gone viral. To be honest, he's been doing it for at least six years, but the quality of his videos has improved drastically over time. From fried eggs to small Wagyu steaks, this YouTuber tries to cook a variety of foods on a hot processor.た れ み み Channel which translates as \ Samurai Channel \, posts lots of cycling and camping related videos too, but it's clear its CPU cooking clips are getting the most views. Some of his videos have over 100,000 views, which is quite high considering that he only has around 8,000 subscribers. \ Ah so that's what they mean by processed meat, \ one person commented on one of a dozen CPU cooking videos on the Samurai Channel. \ When you finally bought a PC, but you forgot to buy a stove, \ joked someone else. Next: Refusing Gifts from Fans, This Beautiful Idol is Stabbed 60 Times When Going to a Concert Click on Original Page >>> Source: YouTube Habibie S. A teenager who likes to write and read.