A mountain climber falls off Mount Fuji while doing live broadcast

On the morning of October 28, a young Japanese man started a live broadcast on the Japanese video sharing site Niconico. Entitled "Going to Mt.Fuji! (Go to Mount Fuji)". As shown in the clip below (posted to Twitter by @ ponapona979), in the afternoon the man - a student in a gap year after failing to enter a law program - climbed the summit. However, at the 10th second in the clip, he says, "This part is dangerous because the snowy road becomes slippery." "However, it can't be helped," he continued, and soon after, disaster struck.キ ャ プ チ ャ ー 動画 あ げ と き ま す 富士山 滑落 # ニ コ ニ コ 動画 # ニ コ ニ コ 生 放送 # ニ コ 生 pic.twitter.com/0erDJ9vBFl - い の う え @ 卵 生 放送 # ニ コ 生 pic.twitter.com/0erDJ9vBFl - い の う え @ 卵 生 (@ ponap slide to the side of the mountain. He then appears to hit a mound and start scrolling, with the camera spinning several times until audio is cut off and video stops at a frozen frame, with the camera apparently damaged enough to no longer record or broadcast. A Niconico user watching the live broadcast contacted the authorities, and a fire brigade search and rescue helicopter was dispatched from Yamanashi (one of the prefectures bordering Mount Fuji at its base). However, the helicopter was unable to locate the fallen climber, and the 10-man mountain rescue team consisting of members of the Shizuoka Prefectural Police, who departed on the morning of the 29th, have also not found any trace of the man. In the screenshot from this video, what appears to be a smartphone can be seen falling as the man slides down the mountain, indicating that he no longer has the device and is unable to use it to try to contact assistance.上 の 方 に iPhone が 落 ち て 行 く の が 映 っ て る か ら 連絡 出来 な い ん じ ゃ pic.twitter.com/zZTqmBmuIh - TTR822 (@ ttr822) October 28, 2019 In longer footage from live stream (embedded below) both can be heard, but appear to be computer generated. It's unclear whether it's the voice of a comment written by a viewer so the man can hear it as he hikes or the sort of pre-prepared narrative he wants for the video, but he does appear to be alone on the mountain anyway as he glides. 🙏 pic.twitter.com/QVUgDWXOXM - kazu (@ kazuenshou29) October 28, 2019 Yet another disturbing thing is that during the live broadcast, the man can be heard saying "My fingers are cold". Piles of snow have been observed at the top of Mount Fuji since October 16, and the mountain is officially closed to climbers at this time. Hopefully that man can be saved. Meanwhile, the accident serves as an important reminder that even though the calm and gentle Mount Fuji may emerge from afar, it is still the highest mountain in Japan. The altitude at the summit is 3,776 meters, well above anything close to steady conditions can be expected. Also read: Yare-yare, Too Many Rings, This Man's Fingers Experience Terrible Things! Source: SoraNews24 Rio Crisel Akay A man who has a hobby of ngewibu and idolizing Japanese events (Instagram @crisel_kun)